Thursday, February 18, 2010

you smashed a plate over my head

then I set fire to our bed … (thanks Emily)

Ashton’s on a plane and I’m hijacking her email – if you’ve got anything good for tomorrow!

In Downtown News:

Dress and Mirage opening

Artsplosure and Beer Fest?? Two of my favorite things!

Awkward Family Portrait Dance Party at Jibarra

In Raleigh News:

Clay Aiken Coming to Memorial Auditorium

Geithner Touts Credits Headed to the Triangle

Duke Lacrosse Accuser Charged with Attempted Murder

Sports Radio is Changing the Lineup

In Local-ish News:

It’s going to be easier to get Cheerwine

Another reason I wont be going to Berlin any time soon…

Abbey Road up for sale

In Irrelevant News:

A car that fits on a train. I want one. And trains…

You can’t tell me you’ve never wondered about how they make a snow halfpipe,

Blowtorch Attack?


Annuals are at the Pour House on Friday

Perpetual Groove is at Lincoln on Friday

Get $10 off the Led Zepplin cover band show at Memorial this Saturday

Celebrate Carnival at Jibarra on Saturday

Help raise funds for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Napper Tandy’s on Sunday

Mark your calendar:

The Tour d’Coop has been scheduled for May

What the Weather Holds:

Thurs: mostly sunny and warmer. 47° | 28°

Fri: sunny. 51° | 27°

Sat: mostly cloudy, even warmer. 53° | 30°

Fun Stuff:

The folks at Fermented News bring you daily drink specials around Downtown, by night.

Marching Bands doing fun things

100 skills every man should know

Betty White plays Beer Pong with Jimmy Fallon (thanks Caitlen)

An animated history of Charlotte (thanks @gregoryng)

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:

Wal-Mart Seeing Lower Sales in US

Tim S. Lehan


Ashton Mae Smith