Thursday, February 25, 2010

man, i know i've gotta go

it's the same thing every time, but i don’t think another drink's gonna make me loose my mind...

In Downtown News:
Spize Café is adding Saturday hours
‘The Debut’ opens at LoDi PROJECT this Friday
The giant bag outside of Holly Aiken was stolen

In Raleigh News:
The Barrel Monster has a historic landmark well...sort of…
It’s voting time for Indy’s 2010 Best of (thanks Cabell)
The NCMA got a new Picasso

In Local-ish News:
I keep telling folks, we have a Triangle Curling Club – now, find out how to play…
It’s the phone, not the network making things slow (thanks Jedidiah)
No more Hummer?

In Irrelevant News:
iTunes sold its 1 billionth song
Speedy Gonzales is getting a movie
Beer bellies save lives? (thanks @wswhitt)

Band Together After Work Social. Tonight, Downtown Sports Bar (410 Glenwood/Old Stool Pigeons), 7-10pm. Please?
Wine dinner at Globe tonight
The DRA Annual Meeting is tonight
The Separate at Deep South tonight
NCT's Full Monty Starts Friday
St. Baldrick's Fundraiser at Deep South Begins Friday
St. Baldrick’s at Hibernian is Saturday and my cousin is shaving his head again!
Appetite for Destruction is at Lincoln on Saturday

Fun Stuff:
Belgian Beer reviews
A Softer World (thanks Caitlen)
10 inventions by Thomas Edison that you’ve never heard about (thanks Chris)

Everyone likes Google Logos (thanks Meagan)
How Millennial are you? (thanks @jefftippiet)
“Now if only proper headwear would make a comeback”

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
She’s a hundred years old…you really needed to stab her??

Hey look – it stopped snowing! Hope to see many of you tonight!

Ashton Mae Smith