Wednesday, February 24, 2010

when all the parts of the puzzle

start to look like they fit, then I must remember there'll be days like this… [sorry, this was literally the only video I could find…]

Band Together After Work Social. Thursday night, Downtown Sports Bar (410 Glenwood), 7-10pm. And really, we aren’t going to ask for your money. Oh yeah, free snacks and drink specials too. Wanna see who else is coming?

In Downtown News:
Meet Megg Rader of the Mahler and Collectors Gallery and the DLA Mixer at Jibarra is tonight
It’s Chicago restaurant week at Sullivan’s
Finally, someone explaining to me how to order at Buku – now I can go.

In Raleigh News:
Third Place is closed temporarily (thanks Bryan)
K&S Cafeteria is entering Chapter 11
Check out pictures from the new Tobacco Road

In Local-ish News:
Not a good time to live in Wilmington (thanks J.Ross)
Is there an argument for Walmart’s Organic food effort?
They found a fossil of a 30ft shark. (sorry Dan)

In Irrelevant News:
The world’s tallest great dane is 43 inches tall
Ugh, I hate when girlfriends turn to dolphins… (thanks J.Ross)
Maybe Craigslist isn’t the best option… (thanks J.Ross)

Midweek Feast at Tir na Nog Wednesday
Wine dinner at Globe tomorrow night
The DRA Annual Meeting is Thursday
The Separate at Deep South Thursday
NCT's Full Monty Starts Friday
St. Baldrick's Fundraiser at Deep South Begins Friday
St. Baldrick’s at Hibernian is Saturday and my cousin is shaving his head again!
Appetite for Destruction is at Lincoln on Saturday

Mark your calendar:
Amos Lee is coming to Lincoln April 6

Fun Stuff:
Get free tickets to the Full Monty
10 best talks from TED 2010
Super cool clock
A look at who injures themselves with appliances
Passport photos of the rich and famous

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
Maybe I always missed the point of a ‘bake’ sale…

Happy Wednesday folks!

Ashton Mae Smith