Wednesday, February 17, 2010

bein' good isn't always easy

no matter how hard I try…

Sorry for the delay – had some real job things to get wrapped up. Also, I’m out of town the next few days so don’t be shocked if tomorrow’s email comes to you from Tim. Thanks guys!!

In Downtown News:
The City is finally making it legal to park inside the lines they drew. and more from City Council
There’s a new chef at Duck and Dumpling
Get a great deal to Alter Ego today

In Raleigh News:
An update on the Color Wall
Hideaway BBQ is being auctioned
Wake County is healthiest [Mecklenburg is 5. I know you were wondering…]

In Local-ish News:
A new music venue in downtown Durham
Letting kids start college after 10th grade? Hmm…
King Tut may have died of malaria

In Irrelevant News:
The ISS has a new observation deck – that’s probably my ultimate rooftop.
“Her chauffeur gave chase…” Ugh…I hate when he has to do that…
Can I have ‘facebook zero’ for regular use?

Woody’s is tapping Bruery "Saison de Lente” tonight
Cinderella opens on Thursday
Annuals are at the Pour House on Friday
Perpetual Groove is at Lincoln on Friday
Get $10 off the Led Zepplin cover band show at Memorial this Saturday
Celebrate Carnival at Jibarra on Saturday
Help raise funds for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Napper Tandy’s on Sunday

Mark your calendar:
The Tour d’Coop has been scheduled for May 15

Fun Stuff:
A FoodStalkers Update
Pictures of a historic and changing NYC
Make your own kaleidoscope

Like photoblogs? (thanks @goodnightraleigh)
Challenge your geography smarts (thanks @rocidew)

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse: Underpants – for your hands. (thanks Caitlen)

Happy Wednesday – you’re halfway there!

Ashton Mae Smith