Wednesday, February 3, 2010

so play your upside-down

left-handed, backwards bass guitar…

The folks behind Reality Check want your help with this survey [link is towards the bottom]

In Downtown News:
The coolest of the geeky kids will be here tonight – will you?
What it’s like to downsize
What the rest of us did in the snow… and some more [and now I’m done. snow is dead to me.]

In Raleigh News:
You can now download audio books from Wake Co Public Library (thanks @renewabelle)
Norah Jones is coming to DPAC
Happy 2 years to

In Local-ish News:
My Morning Jacket presale tickets go on sale today
Triangle Wine Experience starts Thursday
The man who brought us Jaws has passed away

In Irrelevant News:
Free hot chocolate at Dunkin Donuts today
Calvin and Hobbes stamps coming next summer (thanks @veemoe)
Wait – wolverines are real things? Who feels like an idiot now…

Champagne and Chocolate at Cashmere with the NCMA Contemporaries Thursday
Haiti relief show at Pour House on Thursday
Interactive First Friday at Alter Ego
Blue Lotus is doing donation for Haiti only yoga this weekend
It’s First Friday!!
Breakfast Club is at Lincoln on Friday
Friday and Saturday, by local chocolate, get free local cake
Double Barrel Benefit is this weekend
Krispy Kreme Challenge is this weekend
Where to watch the Super Bowl [or the Puppy Bowl]

What the Weather Holds:
Weds: Mostly Sunny. 51° 31°
Thurs: Partly Cloudy. 45° 28°
Fri: Something that resembles winter. 38° 33°

Fun Stuff:
How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you
Pantone Weddings
35 most ridiculous SkyMall items (thanks @embalog)

Learn to spell, some more (thanks Emily)
Now a tent with a chimney – that I can live with…
Steve McQueen

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
I mean, when ya want a Twinkie, ya need a Twinkie…

Happy humpday folks!

Ashton Mae Smith