Thursday, February 4, 2010

if he knows what is good for him

he best go run and hide…

In Downtown News:
Buku is open
Hey – we got good things goin on!
Market Restaurant coming to N. Blount St
Hot Summer Nights announced their 2010 season

In Raleigh News:
NCMA needs your photos
Looking back at North Hills
Raleigh Philosophical has an official sponsor

In Local-ish News:
An update on dogs and restaurants
Durham is getting it’s first operational beer engine today
Carolina Ale House is giving some profits to the UN on Saturday

In Irrelevant News:
What if you had 8 million to drop on a painting?
Apparently we’re over bloggi…hey! Let’s go ride bikes!
Today’s lesson: Giant salamanders are disgusting looking

Champagne and Chocolate at Cashmere with the NCMA Contemporaries Thursday
Haiti relief show at Pour House on Thursday
Interactive First Friday at Alter Ego
Blue Lotus is doing donation for Haiti only yoga this weekend
It’s First Friday!!
Breakfast Club is at Lincoln on Friday
Friday and Saturday, by local chocolate, get free local cake
Double Barrel Benefit is this weekend
Krispy Kreme Challenge is this weekend
Where to watch the Super Bowl [or the Puppy Bowl]

What the Weather Holds:
Thurs: Partly Cloudy. 45° 30°
Fri: Something that resembles winter. 38° 32°
Sat: Cold precipitation. 40° 33°

Fun Stuff:
More trivia and prizes about Downtown
How to speak with an Irish accent [youtube]
15 worst movie tag lines ever (thanks Caitlen)

Man you can drink a lot
I’m tryin to have those Stone glasses
Pretty pictures of Paris

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
Mom, are you my sister? (thanks J.Ross)

Happy Thursday folks!!

Ashton Mae Smith