Wednesday, June 2, 2010

whhhhhat? you changed your website?

Yeah, I know - sorry! I just have long term plans for - so I needed to make this move. Take a peek!

Big thanks to John at for his help getting it up and running!

Oh, and I know some of you read this only through RSS feed because you hate an overloaded inbox. Understood. Apparently my super awesome friend Tim sent an email out to the listserve about a 'going away gathering'! Come by if you can - and if you want to keep getting Downtown updates, shoot him an email at timatglenwoodagencydotcom. He'll have a site up soon - but I would hate for you to miss anything...


Friday, May 28, 2010

there's wind in our hair

and there's water in my shoes, it's been a lovely cruise… (thanks to everyone for their suggestions!)

So, the day is finally here. It’s my last day at Glenwood Agency. And, unless Tim lets me guest star sometime, that makes this my last email to all of you. There are not enough thanks to be said for the support you’ve all shown me about this crazy ‘plan’ I’ve got about moving to Italy. My most sincere gratitude to all of you who have helped grow this email from the 4 or 5 folks it started with to the nearly 600 we have today, and all by word of mouth; you continue to astound and flatter me with your excitement [and the fact that you let me intrude on your inbox every morning]. Thank you to J.Ross for your endless contributions, Ann-Cabell for finally warming up to this, everyone who ever submitted an event/story/timewaster/whatever, and those of you who took over for me while I was out. Thank yous as well for the blog world; you let me send you scoop and not take responsibility for the backlash, promoted me, told me all sorts of exciting scoop, and helped me wade through this bizarre world of maintaining a website. As well, to the great folks of this City for making Raleigh such an incredible place to live and giving me something to talk about.

….and just, well, Thank You. All of you. :) I do so hope that if you want to keep in touch, you feel free to! My future with the internet is uncertain, but I promise to do my best!

With a heap of sadness, and a touch of excitement, I bring you the final Raleigh, Over-Easy:

In Downtown News:
Yes, Hue has [finally] stopped trying to sell. [the N&O article is so poorly written it makes my insides angry. So you get this one.]
Raleigh Typhoon 4 is this Saturday
Get from Downtown to RDU with a new bus route

In Raleigh News:
Raleigh man uses balloon to cross English Channel [Dan, this is your coworker, yeah?]
Elmo is coming to town
Duke basketball players met the President

In Local-ish News:
Kenan expansion is approved
It’s almost World Cup time!!
NY is getting a new Subway map

In Irrelevant News:
National Doughnut Day is coming
You sir, are a moron. (thanks J.Ross)
Alicia Keys is pregs

Last Friday on the Grill at Zely & Ritz
Music on the Porch at Seaboard on Friday
Busy Bee is having a party Sunday night
Veterans’ Wreath Laying at the Capitol on Monday

Mark your calendars:
Pinewood Derby is returning to the Borough!
Jewel is doing some wacky video concert
Barenaked Ladies and Ben Kweller will play the Walt on July 31

Fun Stuff:
LOST explained on Post-it Notes (thanks Rachel)
Soda Seal [youtube]
Jam Band Fan or Taliban? (thanks Danny)

How not to get run over
Edible Crayons

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
Lou Reed is performing a concert at high frequency just for dogs

Okay, sorry about that lyric link. I’ve been wanting to do that for SO long. Here’s what you were looking for. And sorry, Tim will never do another Buffett song again. He says you’re welcome. :)

With all my love, this is Ashton, signing off.

Ashton Mae Smith

and coming soon:

Thursday, May 27, 2010

sometimes the best map will not guide you

you can't see what's round the bend…

In Downtown News:
Helios has released their new menu
Kripsy Kreme reopens June 1
Z Pizza is opening soon (thanks @goodnightraleigh)

In Raleigh News:
NC State got a swanky EPA designation
Lutron Bus is at North Hills today
Wachovia is giving a lot of money to NCMA

In Local-ish News:
Rail from Raleigh to Wilmington? Maybe so…
The final roster for the US World Cup team is done
Careful with that Rolex… (thanks J.Ross)

In Irrelevant News:
Scientists have discovered the origin of life?
“Officers [the men] outside the apartment building, surrounded by pizzas and loose cash, Kooistra said…” (thanks J.Ross)
SOAPnet is ending

Spring Fling at the State Farmer’s Market today
Fashion Show at Solas on Thursday
Last Friday on the Grill at Zely & Ritz
Music on the Porch at Seaboard on Friday
Busy Bee is having a party Sunday night

Mark your calendards:
Fundraising Cornhole Tournament at Isaac Hunter’s on June 12th (thanks Chad)

Fun Stuff:
Figuring out Facebook’s new privacy controls
When to use clip art
Find Six Degrees between your favorite bands (thanks Danny)

Win two tickets and meet and greet passes for Little Big Town (thanks Charissa)
Bears doing crazy things
Give your friends a TV Poltergeist

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
“These are the first shocking pictures of smoking toddler…who throws tantrums if he can't puff 40 cigs a day.” (thanks Carson)

Happy last little Friday!!

Ashton Mae Smith

Monday, May 24, 2010

SweetWater IPA is "a hopheads beery dream"...

…Say the Alström Bros. I totally agree, and unquestionably love the ‘hop onslaught’. Also, Ben promised me beer if I shamelessly plugged SweetWater here [careful, that’s a flash site]. Hey, nobody said I couldn’t be bought… :)

Now back to regularly scheduled programming…

it’ll take you far, in the back of a greyhound bus, you can be who you are…

Last Band Together plug for a while, but a gigantic thank you to every one who donated, spread the word, or otherwise just tolerated the repeated email presence. Because of your efforts, and the hard work of a bunch of people, Step UP Ministries will receive over $350,000. Thank you!

Today is Bob Dylan’s birthday

In Downtown News:
FashionSPARK is calling for talent
Theatre in the Park announced its new season
Fletcher Park Concert series is announced

In Raleigh News:
Locopops is adding ice cream and sorbets
NC State will add bells to the belltower
Biweekly recycling will start soon

In Local-ish News:
The zoo opened Lemur Island
Awesome, stars are eating ‘earth-like’ planets…
George Washington’s library book is finally returned

In Irrelevant News:
Mark Twain’s autobiography will finally be published (thanks @renewabelle)
The original frugal traveler
What would you do if you lost to Bret Michaels?

nOg Run Club tonight
Farmer’s Market on Wednesday
There is a DLA mixer at Sitti [in the new inside patio] on Wednesday
Fashion Show at Solas on Thursday
Last Friday on the Grill at Zely & Ritz

Mark your calendars:
June 4th at Pour House is the Save the Neuse Benefit (thanks Ben)

Fun Stuff:
“Now you’re asking me for directions, like I’m some blue vested Walmart greeter who’ll point you down aisle nine and tell you the dreams and causes are between the sporting goods and the kitchen appliances…” (thanks Gary)
Disney Characters in scale
Hipsters throughout history

21 craziest ads ever (thanks @good)
What that error message really means
Lost, explained by cats

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
I think I just threw up a little…

Happy Monday folks!

Ashton Mae Smith

Friday, May 21, 2010

let's get a party going

when it's time to party. we will always party hard… (happy birthday Jed!)

In Downtown News:
Finnnnnaly, the scoop on that Wilmington St. façade [and some history too…]
Capital Club 16 is coming along
Gov’t Mule is coming July 16

In Raleigh News:
Our swanky new airport terminal will be done before the All Star game
Help Fullsteam design their tap handles!
Avett Brothers is headlining Walnut Creek

In Local-ish News:
Camp Lejeune will have 900 solar powered homes
The 2012 Olympic mascots are revealed
Hooray, synthetic life….

In Irrelevant News:
Michael Jordan is dropping the flag at the All Star race
I love that in Nebraska tie elections are settled ‘by a game of chance’ (thanks J.Ross)
Ha. Evil sprits haunting money… (thanks J.Ross)

Music on the Porch tonight in Seaboard Station
It’s still Restaurant Week!

Band Together is Saturday!! [and today is the last day to buy tickets for $22]
Monopoly Scavenger hunt
Segway Polo Saturday
SkirtChasers Race on Saturday
The Beehive Collective’s Bee Ball is Saturday

Sunday brunch!
Ohmygoodness, I love magic. Times bar, Monday.

Fun Stuff:
“Sarah Palin is dangerous not because she might get elected, but because she might never be and just keep campaigning…”
Building a 100ft bridge out of duct tape (thanks Mike)

New NY sidewalks?
Dancing Robots (thanks Mike)

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
That sounds jussssst about like Bret Michaels (thanks J.Ross)

Happppppppy Friday folks! :)

Ashton Mae Smith