Friday, May 21, 2010

let's get a party going

when it's time to party. we will always party hard… (happy birthday Jed!)

In Downtown News:
Finnnnnaly, the scoop on that Wilmington St. façade [and some history too…]
Capital Club 16 is coming along
Gov’t Mule is coming July 16

In Raleigh News:
Our swanky new airport terminal will be done before the All Star game
Help Fullsteam design their tap handles!
Avett Brothers is headlining Walnut Creek

In Local-ish News:
Camp Lejeune will have 900 solar powered homes
The 2012 Olympic mascots are revealed
Hooray, synthetic life….

In Irrelevant News:
Michael Jordan is dropping the flag at the All Star race
I love that in Nebraska tie elections are settled ‘by a game of chance’ (thanks J.Ross)
Ha. Evil sprits haunting money… (thanks J.Ross)

Music on the Porch tonight in Seaboard Station
It’s still Restaurant Week!

Band Together is Saturday!! [and today is the last day to buy tickets for $22]
Monopoly Scavenger hunt
Segway Polo Saturday
SkirtChasers Race on Saturday
The Beehive Collective’s Bee Ball is Saturday

Sunday brunch!
Ohmygoodness, I love magic. Times bar, Monday.

Fun Stuff:
“Sarah Palin is dangerous not because she might get elected, but because she might never be and just keep campaigning…”
Building a 100ft bridge out of duct tape (thanks Mike)

New NY sidewalks?
Dancing Robots (thanks Mike)

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
That sounds jussssst about like Bret Michaels (thanks J.Ross)

Happppppppy Friday folks! :)

Ashton Mae Smith