Tuesday, May 18, 2010

shout, shout, let it all out

these are the things I can do without… (happy birthday Matt!)

Come see me bartend Wednesday at Solas, 7-10! It’s the last Band Together After Work Social before May 22nd’s event. Need another reason? Antoine is bartending too. Really. :] And, so is WRAL’s Dan Bowens!

In Downtown News:
The Connells will open the amphitheatre
There is a Monopoly themed scavenger hunt in Downtown this weekend
Raleigh Wide Open 5 and Cherry Bounce date set

In Raleigh News:
Locally based Kinder Soles is launching on Thursday (thanks Mark)
Raleigh is getting a sister city in China
Downtown Durham gets a grocery store

In Local-ish News:
It’s Restaurant Week, benefiting United Way and Meals on Wheels (thanks Carson)
ESPN wins ACC television rights
We’re building houses again

In Irrelevant News:
Watch the World Cup in your hand
We trust Google second only to our Doctors
Hotmail is being revamped

Wine dinner at Humble Pie tonight
Downtown Farmers Market Wednesday
Antoine and I are bartending at Solas on Wednesday
Raleigh City Museum’s Time Warp is Thursday
Music on the Porch Friday

BandTogether is Saturday!!
Segway Polo Saturday
SkirtChasers Race on Saturday

Shameless Plug:
You might not know this, but it’s American Craft Beer Week [hooray!] and the Beltline Brew Tours are doing a tour on Friday leaving from Natty Greene’s. Check em out! (thanks Will)

Fun Stuff:
A gold dispensing ATM
April and Jonathan detail some renovations in Hunter-Thompson (thanks April)

Magnetic Poetry for your day
Why the moon looks bigger on the horizon (thanks Mike)
Learn all sorts of things for free

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
The place was called ‘Loaf ‘N Jug’??

Ashton Mae Smith