Wednesday, May 12, 2010

but you and your heart

shouldn’t feel so far apart…

In Downtown News:
News on Joe’s Place
There is a good coupon for Seaboard Ace today
Some Raleigh history

In Raleigh News:
City Council weighs the budget
Luna Pops are being sold at Whole Foods
Rail would make rush hour easier. [wait, this is news…]

In Local-ish News:
The Symphony is taking pay cuts to stick around
Virginia wants tolls at the border
Gordon Brown resigned

In Irrelevant News:
Hey, NC got a stamp!
Charlie Davies won’t play the World Cup
Microsoft is releasing a free version of Office

Come learn about Union Station tonight
Downtown Farmers Market today
The Luminarium is back on Thursday
Spring Music Fest starts Thursday at Mosaic
Give & Take is at Art Space Thursday
Bowerbirds are at Artspace on Thursday
Little Feat is at Lincoln on Thursday (thanks Will)

Music on the Porch Friday
There is a fundraiser for Sho Nuff this weekend
Pat McGee is at the Pour House on Saturday
Artsplosure is this weekend
Check out AHPeele on Saturday

Fun Stuff:
A long awaited ITB Insider update, “It’s easier to drop off a suspicious looking package in Times Square than it is to sneak in mini-bottles on the night of the Raleigh party.”
Wash your hands to cut down on second guessing
5 weird ways to charge an iPod (thanks J.Ross)

I have to tell you a secret….I’m Spiderman…. [youtube]
8 websites you need to stop building
You guys love addicting games

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
That’s the way to teach non smoking!

Happy humpday kids!

Ashton Mae Smith