Friday, May 28, 2010

there's wind in our hair

and there's water in my shoes, it's been a lovely cruise… (thanks to everyone for their suggestions!)

So, the day is finally here. It’s my last day at Glenwood Agency. And, unless Tim lets me guest star sometime, that makes this my last email to all of you. There are not enough thanks to be said for the support you’ve all shown me about this crazy ‘plan’ I’ve got about moving to Italy. My most sincere gratitude to all of you who have helped grow this email from the 4 or 5 folks it started with to the nearly 600 we have today, and all by word of mouth; you continue to astound and flatter me with your excitement [and the fact that you let me intrude on your inbox every morning]. Thank you to J.Ross for your endless contributions, Ann-Cabell for finally warming up to this, everyone who ever submitted an event/story/timewaster/whatever, and those of you who took over for me while I was out. Thank yous as well for the blog world; you let me send you scoop and not take responsibility for the backlash, promoted me, told me all sorts of exciting scoop, and helped me wade through this bizarre world of maintaining a website. As well, to the great folks of this City for making Raleigh such an incredible place to live and giving me something to talk about.

….and just, well, Thank You. All of you. :) I do so hope that if you want to keep in touch, you feel free to! My future with the internet is uncertain, but I promise to do my best!

With a heap of sadness, and a touch of excitement, I bring you the final Raleigh, Over-Easy:

In Downtown News:
Yes, Hue has [finally] stopped trying to sell. [the N&O article is so poorly written it makes my insides angry. So you get this one.]
Raleigh Typhoon 4 is this Saturday
Get from Downtown to RDU with a new bus route

In Raleigh News:
Raleigh man uses balloon to cross English Channel [Dan, this is your coworker, yeah?]
Elmo is coming to town
Duke basketball players met the President

In Local-ish News:
Kenan expansion is approved
It’s almost World Cup time!!
NY is getting a new Subway map

In Irrelevant News:
National Doughnut Day is coming
You sir, are a moron. (thanks J.Ross)
Alicia Keys is pregs

Last Friday on the Grill at Zely & Ritz
Music on the Porch at Seaboard on Friday
Busy Bee is having a party Sunday night
Veterans’ Wreath Laying at the Capitol on Monday

Mark your calendars:
Pinewood Derby is returning to the Borough!
Jewel is doing some wacky video concert
Barenaked Ladies and Ben Kweller will play the Walt on July 31

Fun Stuff:
LOST explained on Post-it Notes (thanks Rachel)
Soda Seal [youtube]
Jam Band Fan or Taliban? (thanks Danny)

How not to get run over
Edible Crayons

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
Lou Reed is performing a concert at high frequency just for dogs

Okay, sorry about that lyric link. I’ve been wanting to do that for SO long. Here’s what you were looking for. And sorry, Tim will never do another Buffett song again. He says you’re welcome. :)

With all my love, this is Ashton, signing off.

Ashton Mae Smith

and coming soon: