Wednesday, February 10, 2010

why do you build me up

buttercup baby just to let me down…

In Downtown News:
How to use the pay stations
Oh, you’re exhausted by those potholes too? (thanks Cabell)
A little love for Wilmington St

In Raleigh News:
Raleigh, 63rd best city to find love? Long Beach #1??
A review of the new butcher shop in Cary
You can track the CAT bus online now

In Local-ish News:
Chapel Hill wants to ban cell phones
Google is bringing you social networking
We should have held the Winter Olympics in DC

In Irrelevant News:
First ketchup tubs, now new hospital gowns?? 2010 is gonna be great.
Teehee…a camel beauty contest!
Atlanta is being absurd

Midweek Feast at Tir na nOg tonight
Valentine’s Party at Revolver tomorrow
Raleigh Denim is having a sample sale at Flanders on Thursday
Bright Young Things at Tir na nOg on Thursday
The Boat Show starts Friday
Bill Maher is in town Friday
Drive By Truckers Friday and Saturday at Lincoln
Speed Date on the R Line this weekend

Mark your calendars:
Arctic Monkeys are coming to Disco Rodeo in April

What the Weather Holds:
Super windy and cold today
Wed: Partly Sunny, chance of flurries. 36° 30°
Thurs: Mostly Sunny. 41° 24°
Fri: Mostly Sunny. 43° 22°

Fun Stuff:
If you don’t know Ryan Cook, you should. And if you do, you should know he’s got an Etsy shop of letterpress stuff
Southwest is having a pretty great fare sale

Turn your tshirt into a laptop sleeve
Rhett and Link have a stop motion tshirt battle
More Muppet songs

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
Norra may be right…we might not need some folks in the gene pool (thanks Norra)

Happy humpday folks!

Ashton Mae Smith