Tuesday, February 16, 2010

and so i'm frozen in this town

til summer comes around…

In Downtown News:
How to show your support [or non support] for Lightner Center [City Council meets again today]
Art for kids coming to Downtown?
Vintage Raleigh opening before March? (thanks Antoine)

In Raleigh News:
Glenwood Avenue to be resurfaced starting today – should be easy, most of the road is gone as it is…
What’s up at City Council today
Lonnie Poole is named one of best new courses of 2009 (thanks Charissa)
Raleigh is #3 city for well being (thanks @jefftippett)

In Local-ish News:
Asheville is having a Truffle Fest in a few weeks (thanks Sarah)
Times Square pedestrian mall is staying
Verizon to get Skype capable?

In Irrelevant News:
The quirkiest sponsors for the Olympics (thanks Chris)
If you wouldn’t want it to be a headline…consider not writing it…
What if your suit charged your phone? (thanks Mike)

Tonight is the Annual Fat Tuesday fundraiser for Meals on Wheels Wake County
Celebrate Mardi Gras at the Oxford
Wednesday Woody’s is tapping Bruery "Saison de Lente"
Cinderella opens on Thursday
Annuals are at the Pour House on Friday
Celebrate Carnival at Jibarra on Saturday
Help raise funds for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Napper Tandy’s on Sunday

Mark your calendars:
Dinner with the Pitmaster next Monday (thanks Oona)
Beer Fest tickets go on sale March 16
A European Bike fest coming to Moore Square April 10 (thanks @ntnunk)
Mosaic Spring Music Fest is coming in May

Fun Stuff:
Some fun photos of Olympic Park
Moleskin has a wine journal

Root Beer Mozart
A brief history of pretty much everything
A roll up lap top – cool. [youtube] (thanks Norra)

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
4 year old has to take off his leg braces to pass TSA (thanks @holliscguerra)

Happy Mardi Gras folks! Hope to see you at the Wake Count Meals on Wheels Fundraiser tonight!

Ashton Mae Smith