Friday, February 12, 2010

tonight makes love to all your kind

tomorrow’s pickin’ valentines…

So most of you know by now that I’m involved with a really fantastic organization called Band Together who does an annual [awesome] music event. This year’s event is May 22, and on Monday we’re announcing who the artist will be this year. So those of you who pick and choose days to read this – make Monday one of them. It’s going to be huge. :)

In Downtown News:
An update on Capital Club 16 – I’m pretty sure this place is going to be awesome.
What your options are as a vegetarian in Downtown
Market Restaurant will open soon

In Raleigh News:
What you missed at City Council
The RailHawks will play their opening match against the NE Revolution
Jim Belushi is coming to Triangle Town Center

In Local-ish News:
Phoenix is coming to Koka Booth
We’re getting better at recycling!
Hurricanes’ Minor League team is moving to Charlotte

In Irrelevant News:
Champions League Final will be televised on Fox in HD
Wait…so why did he do it?? (thanks J.Ross)

The Boat Show starts today!
Bill Maher is in town tonight
Drive By Truckers Friday and Saturday at Lincoln
Speed Date on the R Line this weekend
City Museum Kid’s Day is Skyscrapers of Raleigh this Saturday
Done with all this valentine stuff? Love Hangover is happening Monday at the Pour House

What the Weather Holds:
I’m so over this whole snow thing…
Thurs: Mostly Sunny. 42° 28°
Fri: Mostly Sunny. 40° 29°
Sat: still, rainy and cold. 46° 22°

Fun Stuff:
Awkward dating photos
Oh, you wanted to see the sword swallower? [youtube] (thanks EJ)

New aerial photos of 9/11 are released
It’s no secret that the Oatmeal is rapidly becoming my favorite site (thanks J.Ross)

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
Now let’s be clear – I make more than my fair share of typos. But I’m not Nike. Or shooting magazine covers… (thanks Tim)

You made it…it’s Friday. You deserve a beer. Or three.

Ashton Mae Smith