Thursday, December 27, 2007

Another Thursday Update

One would think that having so many days off would produce more viable news…

In downtown news:
The Hookup, which will be the name of the old barbeque restaurant at Johnson and St. Mary’s, has a sign out that they are taking applications – hopefully they will open soon
The construction crane for the L building is being put together
An update on Bloomsbury and Sidetrack construction
RaleighFreePress names their best of

In Raleigh news:
You can buy Sidney Lowe’s red jacket and support the V Foundation
Recycle your tree!

In local-ish news:
This is sorta cute…
New restaurant on Franklin Street opened by the former pastry chef at La Rez

In irrelevant news:
Scandalous news on the Little Spears front
Paris Hilton to get minimal inheritance
Ooooh reality tv garbage!

First Night Raleigh tickets are available

Fun Stuff: I cant say it any better than that…

Word of the Day:
bantam [ban-tuhm] a small and feisty or quarrelsome person.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!