Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday's Update

104 years ago some crazies flew a plane (thanks Catherine)

In downtown news:
A summary of new restaurants in the area
Historic pictures of the area at Christmas time
Underground is closing, north Raleigh is getting soup, and other news

In Raleigh news:
Harris Teeter will open its 2nd location in North Hills
Avoid Briar Creek tonight – unless you want to be in President traffic
In case you missed the Ron Paul Blimp

In local-ish news:
The Pepper’s Pizza in Chapel Hill will turn into a Cluck-U Chicken in January
Everyone loves Pirate ships!
Duke gets a Football Coach
Wachovia donates 400k to UNC Pharmacy

In irrelevant news:
Bored? Allow me to distract you…
Maybe it’s not irrelevant…but a little strange

Polar Express is at IMAX
The Nutcracker opens tomorrow at Memorial
Holiday Extravaganza with Waylandsphere and Glitch at the Pour House on Saturday

Fun Stuff:
Help out the Rescue Mission
Its like Oregon Trail…sorta? (thanks Steve)
Still looking for gifts? (thanks Brooke)

Word of the Day:
tenia (tē'nē-ə)
1. A narrow band or ribbon for the hair that was worn in ancient Greece.
2. Architecture A band in the Doric order that separates the frieze from the architrave.
3. Anatomy A ribbonlike band of tissue or muscle.

Happy Monday!