Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tuesday's Update

I think Tuesday is the most boring day…

In downtown news:
A review of The Pit
Live music options in the area
The last piece of the historic downtown tour and the history behind it

In Raleigh news:
New driving initiative – really most important to us because they will be getting stricter in school zones
Drought could pause development
More talk of a commuter rail line

In local-ish news:
Well, Durham has something going…
Missing 4.5 million dollars?
Will Wake County get another airport?

In irrelevant news:
Top Model gossip

Trivia is tonight
Thursday is the Open Houses for Park Devereux and the Cotton Mil

Fun Stuff:
Eat the kabobs!

Obscure bumper sticker of the day:
Club sandwiches not seals.

Enjoy your day everyone!