Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tuesday's Update

Here’s what’s happening:

In downtown news:
RBC is going to be so pretttty
More of that historic tour of downtown – and the history to match
Neomonde will open a second location on Wilmington St (next to Riviera) in the Spring

In Raleigh news:
More debate over zoning regulations
Renoir, Monet, Courbet and others on display at NC Museum of Art
Also, stop using so much water.

In local-ish news:
New laws for the coming year
It is now more expensive to litter…
No more dredging at Beaufort Inlet?

In irrelevant news:
The Chinese have ruled that NASA didn’t make up the moon…
Lindsay Lohan is the dumbest celebrity?
Ha! The dog inherited the money…

The Capitol tree is being lit tomorrow with a slew of other goings on
Revolver is having a 2 year anniversary party
Jingle Ball is Thursday
Breakfast Club is Friday at Lincoln Theater

Fun Stuff:
YouTube TeaPartayy
Vote on which comics stay in the N&O

Happy Tuesday everyone!