Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday's Update

so, still not much in the way of news – but lots in the way of fun. Happy Friday everyone!

In downtown news:
Cool local places to do some shopping this year
Everyone loves the Shine Raleigh video… ha!
Ghosts at Christmas? I love that.

In Raleigh news:
A new place to get ticketmaster tickets
I think theyre serious about this drought thing… on the high side, the Angus barn recycles everything!
The Clintons will be here Monday instead…

In local-ish news:
Everyone knows I love condos…
They need a coach…. I don’t care who you are…this is kinda funny…. (thanks Tim)
Wake Forest is dangerous! (nah, I just like the word robbers)

In irrelevant news:
“It just headed down towards the water and in it went," he told Australia's ABC News. (thanks Katie)
Over jeans??

Old Habits is at the Pour House tonight
Sam Fisher is at Amras on Sunday

Fun Stuff:
Ha! I love the haircut videos (Thanks Lisa)
And another…I recommend check out them all!
This may be crossing a line… (thanks Austin)
This is a little bit funnier if you’ve ever gotten your nails done… (thanks Rachel)
A fun little quiz game thing (thanks Brooke)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!