Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wednesday's Update

Not much of real relevance today, but:

Happy Prohibition Repeal Day!
74 years ago today the 21st amendment repealed nationwide Prohibition

In downtown news:
More debate about the future of the Dix property
What will Raleigh look like in 2030?
Best Brunch places

In Raleigh news:
The Mediterranean Bistro is open on Hillsborough Street (across from DH Hill) and is up and running
Raleigh has 101 days of water left.
NC AIA Awards can be seen by video

In local-ish news:
‘Triangle Parkway’ to be a toll road and will close some roads in RTP
NC to get first Ethanol plant in South East
RJ Reynolds is being sued

In irrelevant news:
Christmas tree robbers!
World’s Coolest Hotels

Capitol Tree Lighting is tonight
A Christmas Carol opens tonight
Jingle Ball is tomorrow
Red Ribbon Ball is Friday
Seaboard Station Open House is this weekend

Fun Stuff:
Santa should move his shop to Kyrgyzstan

I was thinking about a Word of the Day:
acnestis: The part of a quadruped's body that it cannot reach to scratch, such as the space between the shoulder blades… [Webster]

Happy Wednesday! Maybe tomorrow something exciting will happen…