Thursday, August 6, 2009

ya gotta try it before ya knock it

try to name another sport to top it, you can win an open cold one in your back pocket – cornhole, good for your soul… [yes, that is a song about Cornhole] (thanks Tera)

In Downtown News:
Raleigh is even pretty in the rain!
We’re keeping the safety guys
Napper Tandy’s wants to send you to the Bahamas

In Raleigh News:
Raleigh is not a playful city – but Creedmoor is??
Only 30 days to visit the Art Museum before it closes
The Entertainers are at North Hills tonight

In Local-ish News:
UNC researchers figured out the HIV genome
Pink parking spaces and ‘high heel friendly’ streets in Seoul
Steven Tyler took a fall at a concert

In Irrelevant News:
John Quincy Adams is on Twitter
ESPN doesn’t like social media
Make up application as a YouTube phenomenon?

Local Beer Local Band at Tir Na Nog tonight [and every Thursday]
Bat Boy opens at Meymandi tonight
Old Habits at 42nd Street tonight
Marcy Playground is at Hibernian on Friday And at Deep South afterwards? Seems like it.
It’s First Friday!!
Free wine and chocolate at Peche on Friday (thanks Alec)
Tonic and Marcy Playground are playing Downtown Live this weekend!
Perpetual Groove is at Lincoln this Saturday

What the Weather Holds:
So, you’re telling me it’s going to get hotter?
Thurs: Hot/Rainy 90° 72°
Fri: Hot/Less Humid 91° 68°
Sat: Really Hot/Pretty Humid 95° 68°

Fun Stuff:
Local beer and Trivia – two favorites.
Watch the Pandas! (thanks Gretchen)
Some fun music from Madagascar with cool instrument use (thanks Danny)
Cool Art website
What else can you use that for??

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
Woman marrying fair ride (thanks @gregoryng)

Happy Thursday folks – almost Friday!

Ashton Mae Smith