Wednesday, August 19, 2009

wearing shoes and drinking booze

is going against the bible, a necktie will make you die and cause you lots of trouble... (thanks Danny)

In Downtown News:
More on new pizza
The Globe will have a new local blogger employee
Free haircuts at Alter Ego

In Raleigh News:
Probably a good day to buy a Power Ball ticket
This lady does not look like the kind who would hit you with a frying pan…
Coconut Groove is playing at North Hills tomorrow

In Local-ish News:
A vintage National Geographic archive?
Badwater Ultramarathon: 135 miles in 130-degree heat (thanks J.Ross)
Pterodactyls had runways

In Irrelevant News:
I know somebody wants to buy me a condo… (thanks Caitlen)
Drinking makes you sleep worse. I love news of the obvious…
Sean Penn is getting divorced

Wii Bowling Tournament at Tobacco Road tonight
Moore Square Farmers Market on Wednesday
Picasso opens at Nasher on Thursday
Grunge tribute at Lincoln on Friday
Appetite for Destruction at Lincoln on Saturday
Better than Ezra is playing Downtown Live

What the Weather Holds:
Wed: Sunny 95° 71°
Thurs: Sunny 95° 71°
Fri: Possible Showers 92° 72°

Fun Stuff:
Best Townhall protest signs (thanks Chris)z`
What Would Don Draper Do?

Very fun Craigslist ad
40 obsolete technologies
Budweiser and the Beatles commercial

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
“Marwan claimed his wife wanted to give birth naturally, but medical experts said this would be impossible.” 12 babies? Naturally. You’re too insane to raise kids… (thanks J.Ross)

Happy hump day folks!

Ashton Mae Smith