Wednesday, August 5, 2009

why you, why you, why you are we so in denial

when we know we're not happy heeeerrreeee...y'all don't want me here you just wanna dance. [very cool cover.] (thanks Danny)

In Downtown News:
Amphitheatre funding got approved!!
Raleigh Denim is featured in Style Magazine
The Cupcake Shoppe is still getting some love from the Prez

In Raleigh News:
The City wants to give you gift cards for recycling
Ever wondered about Harrelson Hall?
Forbes likes Raleigh

In Local-ish News:
Charles Gwathmey has passed away
An interesting look at Obama’s beer choice
The two reporters have landed back in the US

In Irrelevant News:
Paula Abdul is leaving American Idol
Rihanna is going to let Chris be closer to her
How Netflix works

Free wine tasting at 42nd Street on Wednesday (thanks Alec)
Bat Boy opens at Meymandi on Thursday
Old Habits at 42nd Street on Thursday
Marcy Playground is at Hibernian on Friday And at Deep South afterwards? Seems like it.
It’s First Friday!!
Free wine and chocolate at Peche on Friday (thanks Alec)
Tonic and Marcy Playground are playing Downtown Live this weekend!
Perpetual Groove is at Lincoln this Saturday

Mark your calendar:
Jimmy V Tournament is next weekend [at the new Lonnie Poole course] – Meat Loaf, in Raleigh? Nice.

What the Weather Holds:
Wed: Hot – rainy.
Thurs: Hot – rainy.
Fri: Still, hot and rainy.

Fun Stuff:
How people spend the minutes of their day
25 free tracks from Urban Outfitters
10 things you didn’t know about the penny

You Suck at

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
Heck – choose your own!

Ashton Mae Smith