Friday, August 7, 2009

i don't write songs about girls anymore

i have to write songs about women. no more boy meets girl, boy loses girl, more like man tries to figure out what the hell went wrong - 'cause i'm an adult now… (thanks Sean)

It’s First Friday! And more!

In Downtown News:
A Kudzu Jesus in Downtown?
Some fun Downtown Raleigh signage
The Pit is expanding?

In Raleigh News:
Yancey is back in business and more (thanks Sean)
Buy your Barrel Monster wear
The new CEO of Harley Davidson is in town this weekend (thanks Sean)

In Local-ish News:
McDonalds is getting more local?
Forbes likes North Carolina schools
We have special ‘itch’ nerves

In Irrelevant News:
Aesop was telling true stories?
Drinking beetroot juice is good for you
Rihanna, JayZ, and Kanye will be on Jay Leno Sept 14

Marcy Playground is at Hibernian tonight And at Deep South afterwards? Seems like it.
It’s First Friday!!
Live music in City Market
Music on the Porch at Seaboard
Free wine and chocolate at Peche tonight (thanks Alec)
Tonic and Marcy Playground are playing Downtown Live this weekend!
Perpetual Groove is at Lincoln this Saturday

Mark your calendars:
Trans-Siberian Orchestra is returning

What the Weather Holds:
Fri: Hot/Less Humid 91° 68°
Sat: Really Hot/Pretty Humid 95° 68°
Sun: Partly Cloudy 82° 66°

Fun Stuff:
Craig Ferguson has figured out why everything sucks [youtube]
A super cool fold up bike
8 designer bikes

Ever wonder if the internet is down, or it’s just you?
Make your own custom puppet
How much alcohol would it take to kill you?

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
He kept his money in his freezer

Just a pleasant reminder – its tax free weekend…

Ashton Mae Smith