Thursday, August 13, 2009

lifetimes are catching up with me

all these changes taking place, i wish id seen the place…

In Downtown News:
Benefit concert at Deep South tonight – Richard Bacchus and The T’s?? Yes please.
Indian coming to Downtown
Dogfish Head tasting at Sitti tonight

In Raleigh News:
Lyle Lovett is playing the Jimmy V Gala this weekend and check out pictures from the Grand Opening (thanks Becky)
Cary wants chickens (thanks Chris)
10 local companies among top 500

In Local-ish News:
This is one way to get to the golf course…
Who doesn’t like a giant man eating plant??
$2500 tuition tax credit? (thanks @kellymulholland)
Fly anywhere, for a month – for $599

In Irrelevant News:
Woman throws cup at Mona Lisa
Facebook Lite?
Imagine gaining 13lbs a day! (thanks Sam)

World’s Longest Football Preview Radio Show tonight at Tobacco Road
Solas is celebrating their first anniversary tonight
Kevin O’Barr and Greg Moore at 101 on tonight
Pat McGee is at Pour House tonight

Music on the Porch on Friday
West Street Band at Deep South on Friday
The Design at Lincoln on Saturday
Carolina Music Awards on Saturday
City Limits is celebrating 5 years on Sunday
Mad Men starts Sunday!!!

What the Weather Holds:
Thurs: Cooler/Rainy 82° 68°
Fri: Cooler/Rainy 82° 68°
Sat: Cooler/Rainy 91° 68°

Fun Stuff:
Funny and inappropriate crayon comics
32 pages of misspelled signs
A bunch of very cute baby animal videos

“His priorities remain solidly in place. “Help yourself,” he tells a colleague. “Not the Stoli.”’
Top 10 ‘Google Suggests’ (thanks Chris)
I cant imagine gold shoes are comfortable… [and various other absurd things…] (thanks Chris)

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
Here’s my ID – now I want all your money.

Today’s Sign that We Just Might Make it After All:
It’s like a real life Lassie moment...

Happy Thursday folks!

Ashton Mae Smith