Thursday, March 25, 2010

they say it's your birthday

we're gonna have a good time, i'm glad it's your birthday, happy birthday to you… (happy birthday Kris!)

Band Together After Work Social, Tonight. Oxford. 7-10. $1 PBR [they have other good beers too], some good folks, good tunes, and no one asking you for your money [well, ignoring the bartender]. And Antoine and I reallllllllly appreciate it when you guys make us look like we have friends. Besides, the guilt I give you for not coming really isn’t worth it, is it?

In Downtown News:
The new Taz’s is opening on Friday
OAR is coming to my new amphitheatre
Fun historic Raleigh postcards

In Raleigh News:
Cantina 18 opened Saturday (thanks Nick) and a review
Whew. See Dad – it isn’t just me who spends too much money…
The UNC system will be insuring all uninsured students

In Local-ish News:
Two of the Best Chef of the Southeast finalists are local
A autistic kid still has a perfect bracket (thanks Michael)
This guy is pedaling across the ocean (thanks Daniel)

In Irrelevant News:
Harris Teeter has Hurricanes themed sandwiches
Steve Jobs is answering customer email
Katherine Heigl is leaving Grey’s

Band Together After Work Social at Oxford on Thursday
Appetite for Art Preview Party at Solas on Thursday (thanks Hadley)
Busy Bee is having a Latte Art Competition on Thursday
Vintage Bar is having their grand opening on Friday (thanks Erin)
Dance Party at Jibarra again this Friday
Parmalee at Deep South on Friday
Raleigh Rocks half marathon on Saturday
Inflowential at Pour House on Saturday
One Night of Queen at Memorial on Sunday

Fun Stuff:
It’s been too long since Bobby Butronic shared his dinosaur brains with us [youtube]
The Selvedge Yard brings you Vintage Daytona Bike Week pictures

Drinking Roulette
Victorian iMac
Super cool ‘tape shades’

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
Flash mobs turning violent

Happy Thursday guys! Hope to see you at Oxford tonight!!

Ashton Mae Smith