Thursday, March 11, 2010

been that way for all my time

til forever, on it goes, through the circle, fast and slow…

In Downtown News:
Where to buy local produce in Downtown
Party at Buku on Saturday
The fate of Devereux Meadows

In Raleigh News:
NC State’s Technician is in jeopardy
New statues at NC State
Raleigh #2, Charlotte #3, Durham, Chapel Hill and Wilmington all in top 20 housing markets for 2010 (thanks J.Ross)

In Local-ish News:
The Geer in Durham is coming along
Bill Gates is no longer the world’s richest man (thanks J.Ross)
Google is going to digitize old Italian books

In Irrelevant News:
"Holy criminy, you just shot the map," the student said. (thanks J.Ross)
Marion Jones is going to play pro basketball? (thanks J.Ross)
The Vatican has a chief exorcist? (thanks J.Ross)

Zely and Ritz wine dinner on Thursday
Local Beer Local Band at Tir na nOg tonight
Late Night Lounge at Sono on Friday

Saturday is the Run for the Oaks
Downtown Designers Market is Saturday
Saturday there is a block party on Glenwood South
Saturday the Haiti Tap-tap benefit is happening upstairs of Gravy (thanks Oona)
St. Patrick’s Day parade on Saturday
Check out Sunday Funday at Isaac Hunter’s on Sunday
Beer Brunch at the Borough on Sunday
Landon Pigg is at Lincoln on Sunday

Mark your calendar:
Downtown Derby set for April 30

Fun Stuff:
The Ultimate ACC Tournament Guide
Using math to predict pro baseball… (thanks J.Ross)
2birds1blog and another on Dr. Reuben
Ooooh James Dean.
Top 20 unsigned bands of 2009

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
The Royal Opera House is staging an opera about Anna Nicole Smith

Thursday is practically Friday! Happy Thursday!

Ashton Mae Smith

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