Friday, March 12, 2010

let my loneliness get blown away

gimmie, gimmie symphonies…

In Downtown News:
Check out all the goings on this weekend for St. Pats
Free concert coming April 30
A rarely seen mural in Downtown

In Raleigh News:
TimeOut is coming to the NC State area (thanks Tim)
Yoho at North Hills is being replaced by Spring Rolls
Martin + Osa is closing at Crabtree

In Local-ish News:
Indy tells us where to find good cupcakes
Let it be known that this is the opposite of a ‘pants optional’ attitude…
The NY Historical Society is hosting a Grateful Dead exhibit

In Irrelevant News:
Betty White will host SNL
Cast of Jersey Shore can’t drink?
There’s a ‘Jersey Shore’ equivalent stereotype for Russian-Americans??

Late Night Lounge at Sono on Friday
Saturday is the Run for the Oaks
Downtown Designers Market is Saturday
Saturday there is a block party on Glenwood South
Saturday the Haiti Tap-tap benefit is happening upstairs of Gravy (thanks Oona)
St. Patrick’s Day parade on Saturday
Check out Sunday Funday at Isaac Hunter’s on Sunday
Beer Brunch at the Borough on Sunday
Landon Pigg is at Lincoln on Sunday

Mark your calendars:
The next Band Together After Work Social is March 25 at The Oxford – with notable drink specials. Like $1 PBR.

Fun Stuff:
Crazy video of people running in slow motion [youtube] (thanks Chris)
What you can do for free in Raleigh
“If your passing me, your speeding.”

Ha. This is awesome. Make your own beatbox beat.
How not to lose your luggage when travelling
Conan’s Twitters Tumblr

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
Oh Mississippi…you’re so…Mississippi…

Happy Friday!! You madddde it!

Ashton Mae Smith