Wednesday, March 3, 2010

cause when your mind don't move

then your knees don’t bend, don’t go blaming the kids again… [awesome video too] (thanks Emily) [and how it was built]

Hey! Today is the last day I’m going to take submissions and we’ll vote through the weekend! Thanks again to everyone who has sent something in so far!

In Downtown News:
Construction on CAM has started
Lightner Center is tabled for now
Ignite Raleigh is tonight

In Raleigh News:
H&M will open March 18
Forbes loves Raleigh. This time, we’re still most wired (thanks Matt)
There is a run/walk event in Cary this weekend (thanks Chris)

In Local-ish News:
The beacon on Ocracoke Lighthouse is going to be relit
Jim Black is being released early
Ben and Jerry’s for $1 today

In Irrelevant News:
I’m more confused about a teen dance club and 90 year olds in the same building… (thanks Chris)
The Smithsonian doesn’t want OJ’s acquittal suit (thanks Chris)
Is there an evolutionary benefit to depression?

Half off wine at Mosaic tonight
Robert Mondavi Wine Dinner at Solas tonight
Woody’s is tapping a Bear Republic IPA tonight
Live Jazz at The Mint on Thursday
Beer, Bourbon and Chocolate at Saucer on Thursday
Keller Williams at Lincoln on Thursday
Chairmen of the Board at Lincoln on Friday
St. Pattys 8k run at Moore Square on Sunday

Mark your calendars:
Rides of March ends April 1 (thanks Sean)
Alice in Chains is coming April 21

Fun Stuff:
50 movie spoilers of 2009
The State of the Internet

A very small child delivering Herb Brooks’ speech [youtube] (thanks Danny)
50 state logos (thanks @alex-ford)
10 incredibly geeky Lego creations (thanks @mikeadamsnc)

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
“Mad emu attacks deputies along El Paso freeway”

Ashton Mae Smith