Wednesday, November 4, 2009

when i met you girl, my heart went knock knock

now them butterflies in my stomach won’t stop stop ...

In Downtown News:

Council to Vote on Amplified Music for Solas

Check Out Palladium’s Art House at First Friday

In Raleigh News:

Dana’s Look at the Raleigh Week Ahead

Should ABC Stores in NC Change to Private Ownership?

Tedesco Elected to Wake County Board of Education

In Local-ish News:

Man Made Snowstorm Trapped Raleigh Tourists in China

AT&T to Verizon: There’s a Lawsuit for That

Colbert Sponsors US Speed Skating Team

One Piece of Australian News:

Northern Suburb Petitions to Become Republic in Olympic Bid

In Irrelevant News:

85% Plan to Use Cash for Christmas this Year

Lehman Brothers are Auctioning Off Their Art

‘Fakeosphere’ is Latest Web Trap for Consumers


DLA Mixer at the Oxford Tonight

Midweek Feast at Tir na Nog Tonight

Brain Freeze Trivia Tonight at Napper Tandy’s

First Friday This Friday Night

Veteran’s Day Parade and Ceremony on Saturday Morning

What the Weather Holds:

Wed: Sunny. 63° | 47°

Thurs: Sunny. 64° | 40°

Fri: Sunny. 57° | 36°

Fun Stuff:

Granny Doesn’t Mess Around – Passive Aggressive Notes

Odd Animal Couples

SnapTite Model House – It’s Lovely, I’ll Take It!

Hockey Goalie Does Thriller Victory Dance on Ice (YouTube)

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:

‘suspect has targeted a Tamarac BankAtlantic so many times that during the last heist one of the tellers said, "He's here again."

Sign We Just Might Make It After All:

Tireless Good Samaritan Tracks Down Camera Owner

Tim Lehan


Ashton Mae Smith