Monday, November 2, 2009

take a breath, take it deep

calm yourself, he says to me

In Downtown News:

Thoughts on City Plaza’s First Post-Party Weekend

Issac Hunter’s Tavern to Open on Fayetteville Street

Tech Conference in Convention Center this Week

In Raleigh News:

Sports Radio Changes Today

Fabius Briggs House History

NCSU Engineers Compete in Eco Car Challenge

In Local-ish News:

Lego Store Building a Giant Turkey Tomorrow

USS NY Built with Ground Zero Metal

50,000 Hit Franklin Street this Year for Halloween

One Piece of Australian News:

Everything You Need to Know for Today’s Melbourne Cup

In Irrelevant News:

Lies That Get Us Into Debt

Possible Cheating Probed at Sudoku Tournament (thanks J.Ross)

The World’s Scariest Runways


Check Out Humble Pie’s Wine Dinner Tomorrow

‘South Pacific’ Starts Its Run Tomorrow

DLA Mixer at the Oxford on Wednesday

First Friday This Friday Night

Veteran’s Day Parade and Ceremony on Saturday Morning

Go Ahead and Put Jingle Ball on the Calendar

What the Weather Holds:

Mon: Cloudy. 54° | 45°

Tues: Sunny. 68° | 40°

Wed: Sunny. 61° | 43°

Fun Stuff:

Dollar Bill Art

NBA Team Name Origins

Passive Aggressive Notes – Half-Donut Bandit

402. If You Aren’t Hungry Enough to Eat an Apple, You Aren’t Hungry

Awesome Transformer Costume (YouTube)

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:

Urns and Caskets for Sale on Walmart Website (thanks J.Ross)

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

Tim Lehan


Ashton Mae Smith