Monday, November 23, 2009

summer turned to winter

and the snow it turned to rain…

been a busy morning – thanks for your patience!

In Downtown News:
A new furniture boutique opened on Glenwood
New parking meters will be installed in January
What you missed at the Assassin’s Ball

In Raleigh News:
RDU is getting new parking stuff too
SAS is featured in the NY Times
What’s going on for the Holidays in Raleigh (thanks Charissa)

In Local-ish News:
They’re working to preserve other parts of the Old Chapel Hill cemetery
Dirt helps kids heal
South Africa is developing a faster court for World Cup crimes

In Irrelevant News:
Be sure to tip your wait staff…
Taylor Swift won more than Michael Jackson
Who will replace Oprah?

One Love Festival at Lincoln on Tuesday
Thanksgiving Eve at Solas – with Turducken!
Have Thanksgiving dinner at Tir na nOg
Acoustic Syndicate at Lincoln on Friday
Hobex is at the Pour House on Friday
Pico vs. Island Trees at Lincoln on Saturday
Downtown Designers Market is Saturday

What the Weather Holds:
Hey look – chance of rain allllllll week.
Mon: Rain 53° 50°
Tues: Cloudy, chance of rain 60° 47°
Wed: Mostly Sunny 63° 46°

Fun Stuff:
7 most common turkey emergencies and how to avoid them (thanks @gregoryng)
HDTV buyers guide
The Earth with Saturn’s Rings

Reason number 23586421 I don’t like telling people I’m a ‘Realtor’
Vintage Lady Gaga
Tim Burton is at MoMA

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
You’re right…kids might confuse a man and a woman in a red suit…

Happy Monday folks!

Ashton Mae Smith