Thursday, November 19, 2009

thirteen month old baby

broke the lookin' glass, seven years of bad luck, the good things in your past… (for Mike’s birthday!)

In Downtown News:
Segway polo coming to Downtown?
What we could do besides an arena
Thursday history

In Raleigh News:
Vote for a local guy to be ‘America’s favorite hero’ on CNN
CW 22 is looking for a new tv personality
The North Hills tree lighting is this weekend

In Local-ish News:
New restaurant in Chapel Hill
Coke is making bottles out of plants now
All the slots for World Cup 2010 have been filled

In Irrelevant News:
2000 years from now – this will be our Stonehenge…
In case your life needed more advertising…
California is regulating the energy your TV needs to run

Art + Technology Talk tonight at VAE
Dana’s take on the weekend
The Design at Lincoln tonight
Holly Raleigh Christmas CD Release party tonight
Revolver is having a 4th Anniversary party tonight
Saturday is the Christmas Parade!
Holiday Open House at Seaboard on Saturday
Guy Fieri is in town on Saturday
Bubbles and Bling cocktail at Solas on Sunday

What the Weather Holds:
Thus: Rainy. 66° 59°
Fri: Sunnier, but not warmer. 65° 52°
Sat: Sunny. 60° 43°

Fun Stuff:
Chairs in Space!
The history of jaywalking

Probably my favorite 2birds1blog post ever and a clever note
12 most creative recycled things
How people count money around the world

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
You’re totally right – we should discourage volunteering (thanks Brian)

Happy Thursday folks!

Ashton Mae Smith