Tuesday, November 24, 2009

so close your eyes

close your mouth, and do this all in time to the music…

a few fun things today…

In Downtown News:
New Raleigh wants your advice on shopping local for the holidays
More coffee in Downtown
Beleza is able to be shopped online now!

In Raleigh News:
Why is Durham becoming a great place to shop? – They’re getting a Nordstrom Rack.
Rhett and Link are getting some love from Time Magazine (thanks Sallie)
Cary is a top 20 safe city?

In Local-ish News:
Free live music at RDU during the holidays (thanks Charissa)
The RailHawks are part of NASL now
There is finally some attention being paid to Chinese drywall

In Irrelevant News:
Local turkey’s are getting the presidential pardon
“The problem is that the machines were lost in transit and PETA had to boil hundreds of lobsters alive.” (thanks Caitlin)
I think we’re going to see a lot more kids with ADHD

Objectified is running on PBS tonight
One Love Festival at Lincoln on Tuesday
Thanksgiving Eve at Solas – with Turducken!
Have Thanksgiving dinner at Tir na nOg
Acoustic Syndicate at Lincoln on Friday
Hobex is at the Pour House on Friday
Pico vs. Island Trees at Lincoln on Saturday
Downtown Designers Market is Saturday
WiFi will be down this weekend in Downtown

Mark your calendars:
Architecture film series

What the Weather Holds:
Tues: Cloudy, chance of rain 57° 47°
Wed: Mostly Sunny 61° 46°
Thurs: Mostly Sunny, chance of rain. 65° 44°

Fun Stuff:
What you missed at Emily’s Thanksgiving Feast, foodstalked.
“I have to admit, I miss the days of men dressing up-- even for a sporting event.” Ditto. Sigh.
70’s van customization

EverythingIsTerrible.com (thanks Tom)
Preview the new Jimmy Buffett album

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
Trade your gun in Compton for free DVD’s!

Happy Tuesday!

Ashton Mae Smith