Friday, September 25, 2009

you see, the wine that's drinking me

came from the vine that strung judas from the devil's tree… (happy early birthday Ryan!)

In Downtown News:
It’s Bike Fest this weekend… as in, don’t try and drive Downtown today…
Raleigh Deaddrop starts today
Loooook at that shimmer wall!

In Raleigh News:
Carson – I told you we’d buy you that car for your birthday…
Raleigh is number 5 in nanotechnology (thanks Dan)
Not only did the Durham Bulls win, but turns out the RailHawks are rockin in too… (thanks Christian)
Traffic at the Fair Grounds will be tough too

In Local-ish News:
An awesome page of where you can find free WiFi in the Triangle (thanks @danlondon)
10 million dollars to build a better lightbulb?
Dear Australia, you have 32 days and a plane flight to get your act together…

In Irrelevant News:
iPhones will finally be able to get MMS messages… (thanks Chris)
What soccer player hasn’t tried to make the goal smaller?
A short history of long speeches

Old Habits at Seaboard Station tonight
Ron White at Memorial on Saturday
Village Motor Werks is having a Food Drive on Saturday
Take a Hayride in Downtown on Saturday
Nina and Kel are gettttting marrrrieeeedddd on Saturday! :)
White Collar Crime is doing a benefit night on Sunday

Mark your calendar:
Raleigh’s having a Fat Tire Festival – but not the beer.
Robert Donovan is hosting a photography show at Palladium Plaza Oct 2 (thanks Stuart)

What the Weather Holds:
Fri: Cloudy/Rainy 80° 68°
Sat: Rainy 70° 62°
Sun: Cloudy/Rainy 83° 68°

Fun Stuff:
Man tackles bank robber[youtube] (thanks Chris)
Vote for Bad Poetry
Ifff you don’t mind going blind [youtube] (thanks Danny)

What you’re missing at the World Beard and Moustache Championships
10 very cool, very stressful buildings (thanks Chris)
Little boys singing Beyonce – yes please. [youtube] (thanks Emily)

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
Tee hee. Left handed underpants. Ha. Underpants…

…and you thought Friday would never come…didn’t you…?

Ashton Mae Smith