Tuesday, September 29, 2009

this used to be a funhouse

but now it’s full of evil clowns…

Alright folks – its Events Postcard time – if I don’t have your event and it’s happening in October or November, make sure I have it sooner rather than later!

In Downtown News:
Tom and Tera are on the front of the paper! Also, that homebuyer credit is going to expire…in case you live under a rock.
Dog Olympics this weekend – in case there wasn’t enough to do on Saturday…
Some more love for Raleigh Denim (thanks Antoine)

In Raleigh News:
Southern Community Bank has made its HQ in Raleigh (thanks Steele)
A pretty messed up story about the aftermath of a Ham robbery (thanks April)
Sneaky towing on Hillsborough St?

In Local-ish News:
Do you want Swine Flu up your nose or in your arm?
People doing good things
A snake with a foot. Yes. (thanks @danlondon)

In Irrelevant News:
Why not name a street after a Twitter name…? (thanks Chris)
Communism fell because they didn’t believe in God… well, glad we got that sorted out…
Police officers calling the cops because they think they OD’d on pot… (thanks Chris)

Moore Square Farmer’s Market on Wednesday?
Mosaic Fall Music Fest on Thursday
Dos Taquitos Anniversary on Thursday – I do love a Mariachi
Annnnd this weekend is a mess of great events – I’ll get those together for ya when it’s later in the week!

What the Weather Holds:
Tues: Perfect 72° 53°
Wed: Nearly Perfect 72° 50°
Thurs: Perfect 74° 48°

Fun Stuff:
Ever wonder how the get the shuttle across the country?
Coors Brewing Co via Willy Wonka
Pizza and Beer Bikes

Check out the Avett Brothers on Letterman last night
Shhh. Be vewwy vewwy quiet…we’re hunting weal estate agents!
3D model of Penn Station

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
A snake with a foot

Happy Tuesday folks…hang in there….

Ashton Mae Smith