Monday, September 28, 2009

so tell me all your troubles

i’ll surely tell you mine, we’ll laugh and smoke and cuss and joke and have a glass of wine… (for your birthday Caitlin!)

sorry for the delay folks – again, that real job thing is getting in the way….

Try Transit this week and get free stuff!

In Downtown News:
Raleigh Typhoon 3 is coming this weekend
Super Cool 3D tour of SparkCON
$5 pumpkins in City Market this Friday (thanks Christina)

In Raleigh News:
We finally have an opening date for ‘Uncle Fatty’s Drive-in’
Look how good that high school looks…
Five Points had a little design charette this weekend

In Local-ish News:
15 worst companies for the environment - #12, Progress Energy? #11, Duke Energy? #4, ConAgra?
What if you had a NINETEEN pound baby?? (thanks Brooke)
380 million dollars in cocaine is seized… holy moley.

In Irrelevant News:
2 million people descended from Confucius?
Venezuela is banning Family Guy
Negative subliminal messages work

Mary-Ann Baldwin is at 101 tonight
nOg Run Club tonight
Moore Square Farmer’s Market on Wednesday?
Mosaic Fall Music Fest on Thursday
Dos Taquitos Anniversary on Thursday
Annnnd this weekend is a mess of great events – I’ll get those together for ya when it’s later in the week!

What the Weather Holds:
Mon: Mostly Sunny, late rain? 86° 57°
Tues: Perfect 72° 53°
Wed: Nearly Perfect 72° 50°

Fun Stuff:
Cowboy Hats ONLY!
It’s like they invented it just for me…
It’s Lovely, I’ll take it!

The greatest car chase scene ever?
What Australia needs to be getting cleaned up…
9 great moments of the Chapelle Show

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
He ejected the entire crowd… (thanks J.Ross)

Happy Monday – I hope every one had a great weekend!

Ashton Mae Smith