Tuesday, September 1, 2009

he doesn't look a thing like jesus

but he talks like a gentleman, like you imagined, when you were young…

happy september folks! how great does 65 degrees feel??

In Downtown News:
Free Symphony show in Moore Square next weekend
IdeaSPARK is announced
Best Baklava in Downtown Raleigh?

In Raleigh News:
Beer Fest tickets go on sale next week!
Iatria is closing the rest of their locations
Court fees and taxes on most things went up today

In Local-ish News:
80 cases of Swine Flu at Wake Forest??
They found out more about crazy deep sea jelly fish
Ebay is selling Skype

In Irrelevant News:
Men’s underwear as an economic indicator (thanks Emily)
A Big Lots loyalty club??
What if the White House had monkeys…

WakeUp Wake Transportation Event at Busy Bee tomorrow
What’s going on this week?
Wednesday is Dan Meyer’s Birthday
Moore Square Farmer’s Market
Politics 101 at 101 on Wednesday
Badfish at Lincoln on Wednesday
Local Beer Local Band Thursday at Tir Na Nog
It’s First Friday!
Free concert in City Market on Friday
Clothing Swap at Marbles on Saturday

What the Weather Holds:
Tues: Mostly Sunny 79° 64°
Wed: Mostly Sunny 79° 58°
Thurs: Mostly Sunny 81° 60°

Fun Stuff:
Mythical Creature Venn Diagram
Clever office pranks (thanks Adrianne)

Clever iPhone commercial
10 new Disney/Marvel couples
‘We Built this City’ line by line (thanks Chris)

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
All caps email are absolutely worthy of getting you fired

Have a great Tuesday!

Ashton Mae Smith