Thursday, September 10, 2009

now i've traded my black feathers for a crown

so feed me milk and honey, lay me down, lay me down, look around, show me holy places not yet found…

Is it the weekend yet?

In Downtown News:
Vote for who should play Downtown Live next year
Some love for Spize
Fletcher Park is getting a highway marker

In Raleigh News:
Know your Raleigh streets
Trader Joe’s will open October 30
New Tex Mex for Quail Commons

In Local-ish News:
The US Mint is making new quarters (thanks Ben)
That Sam is makin up some wacky beers.
China company to buy Volvo?

In Irrelevant News:
Monopoly with Google Maps?
A reason to legalize drugs? Probably not…
'Their relationship is the worst-kept secret in Sacramento,' said another lobbyist.’ (thanks J.Ross)

The T’s are at nOg tonight for Local Beer Local Band
Kevin and Greg at 101 tonight
It’s is cask night at Times
DL Hughley at Charlie Goodnights on Friday
Oktoberfest at Napper Tandy’s on Saturday
Free Symphony show in Moore Square on Saturday
Urban Sophisticates at Pour House on Saturday

What the Weather Holds:
Thurs: Mostly Cloudy 79° 60°
Fri: Partly Cloudy 83° 67°
Sat: Mostly Cloudy 86° 61°

Fun Stuff:
30 ways to electrocute yourself
Was that your arm? (thanks J.Ross)

FoodStalkers Update
“Because I’ve been digitally distracted since I was in Junior High…”
How Google StreetView is made [youtube]

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
Some one actually paid money, real money, to have this study done… (thanks J.Ross)

How is it that a short week feels so long?? Hope everyone is surviving alright!

Ashton Mae Smith