Friday, March 27, 2009

leave the bourbon on the shelf

and i’ll drink it by myself…

not a whole lot in news today either…I think it’s the basketball :)

In Downtown News:
A new future for St. Agnes?
Glenwood South update
R-Line ridership is up!

In Raleigh News:
Everyone loves Raleigh!
Raleigh > Charlotte. (thanks Dan)
Apparently our hockey team is doing sort of well…

In Basketball News: (since, for many of us, March is the most wonderful time of the year)
Why we miss 2005
‘ACC Implosion Nearly Complete’
“Who saw that coming from Villanova?”

In Local-ish News:
A ban on plastic grocery bags?
A new outdoors blog
Fresh pizza from a machine!

In Irrelevant News:
You can actually heal your broken heart
Check out the 2009 NYC Beard and Mustache winners
Madonna wants to adopt again

Miss Saigon opens tonight
A Rooster for the Masses tonight at Pour House
Breakfast Club Saturday at Lincoln
Raleigh Rocks Half Marathon
Hair O The Dog SPCA Benefit at 101 Lounge on Saturday
Hoops for a Cure on Sunday

Mark your calendar:
There is a First Friday Scavenger hunt next week
April 4 is the North Carolina Cuegrass Festival at The Pit (thanks Ben)

What the Weather Holds:
Tornados on Saturday – sweet.
Fri: Rainy 65° 57°
Sat: Mostly Cloudy 72° 51°
Sun: Mostly Cloudy 68° 60°

Fun Stuff:
Avoid your most distracting websites
Drinking Game coasters
Really cool past/present pictures (thanks John)
What party can you throw for $50?
Bacon bracelet!

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
Can you really make a whole movie out of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’?

Happy Friday folks!!

Ashton Mae Smith