Wednesday, March 11, 2009

justified until we die

you and I will magnify, the magnificent… [new U2]

not a whole lot going on today….but enjoy the fun things!

In Downtown News:
Audition to sing the Subway song today
Thoughts on Downtown retail
What happens in Raleigh…

In Raleigh News:
You can shop a little later now at North Hills
I think it would be really annoying to be a student right now
Smarter energy in NC?

In Basketball News: (since, for many of us, March is the most wonderful time of the year)
5 ACCT thrillers
The ACC voting numbers
You’re probably going to want to figure out how you’re watching the games

In Local-ish News:
Google and Cisco may join the Dow
Mosha the elephant got a new leg
New thoughts on what to do with sex offenders?

In Irrelevant News:
The Seinfeld folks will make an appearance on Curb Your Enthusiasm
Don’t bite off your boyfriend’s tounge…
Exploding tanning beds (thanks J.Ross)

It’s French Broad Cask Night tonight at Times
Designing for a 21st Century lecture tonight
There are a few basketball games this week/end too.
Local Beer Local Band on Thursday
St. Pat’s Parade on Saturday
Run for the Oaks is Saturday too
AIA Triangle Architini is Saturday
Rosebuds are playing a small show at March Woodwinds this weekend

Mark your calendar:
There is another Comp Plan Public Hearing on March 19

What the Weather Holds:
Wed: Cloudy 78° 62°
Thurs: Cloudy 53° 45°
Fri: Rainy 42° 36°

Fun Stuff:
Pretty much the coolest way to find tickets to anything (thanks Austin)
It could be love.
Boxed In.
Better than Google Earth?
If trees could draw…
Pictures that make no sense

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
The real life Sam Malone got laid off

Today’s Sign that We Just Might Make it After All:
My state hates change as much as I do. Hooray blue license plates!

Happy Wednesday!!

Ashton Mae Smith