Monday, March 30, 2009

god is great, beer is good

and people are crazy…

a few things today…

Beer Fest tickets are on sale online this morning

In Downtown News:
NC’s Business Court is moving to Campbell
Goodberry’s is coming to Cameron Village
Geology Rocks!

In Raleigh News:
Look for new ‘Art on the Move’
The Tipsy Gourmet is closing
Apparently we don’t have a State History exhibit

In Basketball News: (since, for many of us, March is the most wonderful time of the year)
Roy Williams is the ‘duckmaster’
Have you seen the Guitar Hero ad yet?
Breaking down the Final Four

In Local-ish News:
“great balls of fire” were seen in the area
FINALLY we are getting AMC in HD – and some other new HD channels
.38 Special is headlining the Dogwood Festival

In Irrelevant News:
What if the vodka store was open on Sunday?
TI got sentenced
KFC has a strange new marketing idea

nOg Run Club is tonight
Tonight is 80’s night at Deep South
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang starts tomorrow
Give and Take at Artspace on Thursday
It’s First Friday!!

Mark your calendar:
The Cash Cab guy is coming in May

What the Weather Holds:
Mon: Sunny 67° 46°
Tues: Mostly Sunny 70° 40°
Wed: Cloudy, rain? 67° 50°

Fun Stuff:
50 animals who hate baths (thanks Katie)
Taco Bell introduces a ‘Morning After’ burrito (thanks Steve)

Geek Bling!
A ‘Hotelicopter’?.
How much does smoking cost you? (thanks J. Ross)

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
When a reporter asked the suspect for comment as he was led out of court, he said, "I'm smooth."

Happy Monday!!

Ashton Mae Smith