Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wednesday's Update

Today’s news:

In downtown news:
Some pictures from the site of The Hillsborough
Some cool downtown images
Want a Philly cheese steak in Raleigh?

In Raleigh news:
We have 121 days of water left
Don’t mix crack and tasers
People like our food

In local-ish news:
New developments in spinal injury recovery – okay not super relevant, but still cool…
This boy scout saved the president
The 23rd edition of the Air Jordan will be released soon

In irrelevant news:
Man killed by a gun fired by a dog…
Christmas in Antarctica gets out of hand…
The grossest addition to food in a long time (thanks Steve)

The Raleigh Rocks Half Marathon is scheduled for April 5

Fun Stuff:
Wheelbarrow racing! (thanks Steve)
Eww, this man is jump roping himself (thanks Steve)

Word of the Day:
pertinacious \puhr-tin-AY-shuhs\, adjective: 1. Holding or adhering obstinately to any opinion, purpose, or design.

Happy Wednesday all – halfway there!

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