Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday's Update

Sort of boring in the news today, but that means more entertainment:

In downtown news:
Antoine, on car insurance rates
A little bit about Landmark Tavern (so exciting!)
Uncle Kracker is getting sued

In Raleigh news:
I never like anything called ‘bitter cold’
Wake County is taking Franklin County. Ha.
RBC Centura is dropping the Centura (Thanks Lisa)

In local-ish news:
10 million people have flew through RDU last year
No more polar bears?

In irrelevant news:
She has already served 84 minutes in jail... (thanks Steve)
On this day in 1778 James Cook landed in the Hawaiian island, which he named the Sandwich Islands
On this day in 1998 the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke.

Landmark will actually open tonight
The week in music
Sign up to give blood on February 6

Fun Stuff:
Hitler is a Cowboys fan this is hilarious, though does have a bit of profanity to it. (thanks Steve)
I think I met this guy at Sammy’s once… (Thanks Austin)
The pilot for 24 (Thanks Matt)

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Hope to see you at Landmark!

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