Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thursday's Update

A bit slow today…

In downtown news:
Nana’s is closing!?! (thanks Julie!)
More talk is needed about Hillsborough/Morgan roundabout
Sir Walter Raleigh Awards are given (they are design awards)

In Raleigh news:
A new blog!
Part of Avent Ferry is closed after a water main explosion.
Smoking will be prohibited start Jan 1 in a few areas around town…

In local-ish news:
95 acres or retail in Morrisville
$23 million is set aside for land preservation
Southwest adds a new seating class

In irrelevant news:
Gardner-Webb beats Kentucky!?
Ha! Sleeeeesville.
Wedgie proof underwear?? (thanks dan!)

Jack Hanna comes to town today…
Saturday is the Veteran’s Day Parade
The State/Carolina game is at noon on Saturday (catch extended coverage on 99.9, the new sports station)
Sunday is the Old Reliable Run
Raleigh Christmas Parade is November 17