Thursday, November 15, 2007

So, in lieu of relevant news – I am crowding your inbox with the humorous and bizarre.


Happy freezing Thursday.

In downtown news:
An interesting perspective on Raleigh
More information about the depot area

In Raleigh news:
Serious zoning regulation changes have been proposed
City Planning Meeting schedule
NCSU is getting a bigger, better Vet facility
Pottery Barn is open again at Crabtree

In local-ish news:
Face yoga?
12 miles of I40 will be closed this weekend
A fun game to ease boredom and save the world! (thanks Austin)

In irrelevant news:
Oh joy! Backstreet Boys have a new album!
Silly Norwegians!
Wow. Ha. Ho. Ha. (thanks Dan)

Old Habits at the Pour House Saturday
Keller Williams at Lincoln Theater on Sunday

I hope you enjoyed that. Maybe tomorrow something will happen worth emailing about…

Hey, tomorrow is Friday!