Friday, November 9, 2007

Friday's Update

It’s Friday!

In downtown news:
Village Deli is open again!
Red Hot & Blue is showing signs of getting closer to opening
The NC Construction building (Hillsborough Street) is looking active
The Lofts and Glenwood South (formerly 712 tucker) has some structures present now

In Raleigh news:
State/Carolina game is this weekend
Vivace and South are in November’s Bon Appetit magazine
Porter’s will soon be serving brunch

In local-ish news
Send cards to Iraq before December 4

In irrelevant news:
Where’s the Dell guy now? (Thanks Austin)
And I bet they let him drive it home…

5 worst fight scenes ever (Thanks Austin)

Old Reliable run (and the fun walk!) is Sunday!
Sam Fisher is at Amras on Sunday.

That was a lot about food….hmmm

Happy Friday all!! Have a great weekend!