Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday's Update

Oh Monday…

In downtown news:
I think the Moravian store in CV is open. Also there is a “Best Buy Mobile” open at the end of the block with Moe’s and Village Deli. What is a Best Buy mobile, I don’t know…
A new development in 5 points?
A new way to pay for parking in downtown
Some pretty fall pictures

In Raleigh news:
The old Best Buy space got filled with some golf thing…
Paul Krugman will be signing books at Quail Ridge Tuesday
NC State to go smoke free within 25 ft of buildings

In local-ish news: –
now with $25,000 reward (Thanks Catherine!)
Charlotte opens its Light Rail
Duke is firing their coach. Surprise.

In irrelevant news:
Opt out of catalogs – save a tree or two
Cyber Monday?? hmmm
This week it’s the Puerto Ricans who are crazy…

ActionSki bus captain meeting 6pm tomorrow at the ski shop (Thanks Amanda)
Trivia tonight!
Jingle Bell 5k is this weekend

What if gmail has been designed by Microsoft?

Will it blend? (ha! Thanks Austin)

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving!