Thursday, April 8, 2010

we should go hit the cantina

we got work off, i said it’s hot outside, let me go swimming in your eyes…

In Downtown News:
You knew it was coming…Jackpot is closing too
Have you checked out the new Taz’s yet? [also, that wine/free snacks deal is pretty awesome.]
Should Downtown have more signage?

In Raleigh News:
NHL All-Star game coming to Raleigh?
Green Planet Catering gets some love! (thanks Daniel)
Duke, UNC and State are splitting a cancer grant

In Local-ish News:
Whole Foods is going tax free next week [yessss! 7% off!]
An IMAX movie about Hubble in 3D
Target is installing recycling bins

In Irrelevant News:
I actually don’t hate this – I mean, it’s only an hour… (thanks J.Ross)
Cruise with Lynyrd Skynyrd (thanks J.Ross)
This doesn’t shine well for the ‘pants optional’ idea… (thanks J.Ross)

American’s Next Top Model auditions today
Old Habits is at Pour House on Friday
Pico vs. Island Trees is at Lincoln on Friday
Euro Bike show on Saturday
R-Line Gourmet Food Tour on Saturday
Appetite for Art on Saturday
Bluegrass and Barbeque at NC Museum of Natural Sciences on Saturday
Segway Polo in City Plaza this Saturday

Fun Stuff:
Facebook demographics by state (thanks Chris)
6 weapons you cannot hide from (thanks J.Ross)

Aliens invade vintage postcards
Gummy Shot Glasses
Cool pictures of Mars

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
"I am looking to create a deep immersive experience, not just a vibration in your shirt triggered by an SMS.” (thanks Christie)

It’s Thursday! You’re almost there!!