Friday, April 16, 2010

and if i get things wrong

don’t want you to think that i’m running away… [these guys are the newest addition to the Band Together line up!]

lots of things for you today!

In Downtown News:
The DLA proves (with maps) that you can get from Downtown to Umstead on the Greenway
One more goodbye to the Rockford but Jackpot is still open
My Amphitheatre is opening the first week of June!
Some explanation (I guess) of yesterday’s fighter jets

In Raleigh News:
Ride the CAT bus for free on Saturday to Downtown
Technician has new leadership
Bruce Springsteen was in Durham last night

In Local-ish News:
We have good graduate schools
Progress on the Colorado River Bridge
Students created a robot that makes 600 Chinese dishes (thanks Chris)

In Irrelevant News:
A rare Rolling Stones track will be released in May
Calorie data coming to fast food near you (thanks Shane)
Evil clown stalks children and pies them in the face – as a gift. (thanks @gaggingtowards)

Today is National Foursquare Day [wha?] (thanks Mike)
The NCMA Contemporaries AFTERPARTY for the Museum Opening is Saturday
The Holt brothers are at Solas on Saturday
K9-3K in Moore Square on Saturday
Earth Day this Saturday
Cuegrass is Saturday
Saturday you can recreate the last meal of the Titanic at Angus Barn
Redress Raleigh is Saturday

If you find your self in/near Atlanta this weekend, it is Sweetwater’s 420 Fest (thanks Ben)

Mark your calendars:
Band Together After Work Social in Durham this month – new Tobacco Road! April 29

Fun Stuff:
The Selvedge Yard tackles Peter Tosh and Bob Dylan’s motorcycle
Pushpin art
Those Japs make the strangest TV shows
Get snacks compliments of FourSquare (thanks @danlondond)

Vanished Raleigh (thanks @newraleigh)
Gmail introduces drag and drop attachments
Most ridiculous detention slips ever (thanks Steve)

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
For the future, please judge me against this standard

Happy Friday folks!!

Ashton Mae Smith